You’re Invited to attend Women Connect

A local group organized to bring women in business together for the sole purpose of business networking.

Are you a women business owner in Charlotte, Michigan or a nearby city?

Do you sometimes feel like a wannabe business owner, taking steps blindly and hoping for the best?
Or are you an existing business owner desiring exchange of fresh solutions to keep current?
Attend a monthly meeting for a welcome exchange of ideas, techniques, and resources for women in business. Women Connect is held every second Tuesday of the month at Evelyn Bay, Charlotte’s cheerful gathering space.

Enjoy a fabulous Evelyn Bay lunch and network with local businesswomen who come together each month to learn and offer insights and business guidance. It’s like a roundtable of experienced mentors for your business. Everyone is welcome to register today! The cost for lunch is $12.00.

Need to RSVP? We would love to see you there. Visit our upcoming events.

Questions? Please call Connie 517-645-4387 or email

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